Hello! My name is
Fernando Comet.

Design Technologist
digital experiences.

I help companies solve business problems

Design & Front End,
UXR, DCO, and webflow.  

Design Technologist and Visual Developer

I’m a Design Technologist. Multidisciplinar profile right now  available as a freelance in different areas. Moving from Research, UX and writing to Front End, actually working a lot with webflow as Visual Developer.

Do you need a Full web project?

Follow the path and we can work together, making hard research, diving into UX, taking content into account, jumping to UI with your brand, coding and looking for SEO and performance.

I need a Webflow site

You have worked previously with other site builders, but you want to go one step further. Maybe you need a CMS, a corporative site, a marketplace, or you are working with landing pages. Welcome to the NoCode revolution!

I need an eCommerce Site

You have a product/products and you want to sell online. You don´t know where to begin. I am Shopify Certified member on Business fundamentals and theme development.

I need a  UX Benchmark

You need to make some research on a specific area, looking for what your competitors are doing in with their digital products.
Maybe you just want to know if the market is saturated or ready for your big idea.

You need a Visual Developer

You have designed your site but you don´t know nothing about coding. I can help you with this. Let´s start seeing your design and comparing best options.

I need an Article

I am a Top Writer in Design for Medium. I make compilations, reviews, research about trends, challenges, UX Methods, Interaction, code experiments and a write a lot about Design jobs. My articles are usually published by UX Planet, Prototypr or Bootcamp.

Do you need a UX Audit/UX Review?

Understand issues in checkout process, research on low interaction on site:
What is happening?
What is the user searching?
What can be done about it?
How can you improve your digital product?

I need a Display Ads Campaign

I have worked with more than 200 digital agencies giving support to Creative and Media agencies. I am certified for Google Studio and GWD. Can work with Adobe AnimateCC, GWD or in Scratch using libraries such as GSAP.